There are recipes, which you have a special affection, which are already an essential and today, is one of them. Perhaps because of the first we usually do, but the first, right? And, both for its ingredients and for its simple preparation, the yogurt cake is perfect in those beginnings in the kitchen with the little ones. In short, it never fails to be so rich and make our breakfasts and snacks a delight!

Ingredients :

  • 1 Natural yogurt without sugar
  • 1 package measure of Soft Olive Oil or Sunflower
  • 2 measures of the container of Sugar yogurt
  • 3 measures of wheat flour yogurt container
  • 3 eggs size L
  • 1 sachet (16 gr.) Of chemical yeast or baking powder
  • A pinch of salt

Elaboration :

Preheat the oven to 180º up and down.

The first thing will be to pour the yogurt in a separate cup, clean and dry the container that will serve us as a measure.

Put the eggs in a bowl together with the sugar, and beat very well until they blanch and double their volume. (This is the key to make it fluffy.) Add the yogurt and beat again, followed by the oil that we incorporate in a thread and little by little.

Next, we will add the flour, previously sifted together with the yeast and the pinch of salt. With a spatula mix with smooth movements, until we run out of lumps and fully integrated.

Separate the base of a removable round mold (mine 24cm.) And place the baking paper in the base, once inside, reassemble it and trim the remaining paper. Spread the mold with butter and a little flour, (Dump to remove excess) or with nonstick spray.

Finally, place the dento mixture of the mold and bake at 180º up and down between 35-40 minutes, it depends if you like it more or less juicy, after time take it out of the oven and let it cool. And enjoy it!

TIP: Another very rich option for this cake and that I do very often is, with a Greek yogurt that is more creamy or also with lemon yogurt. Ah! if you can, better do it the day before, earn a lot at rest.

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